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The players are the leaders of the global football family. To mobilize 5 billion people worldwide, we need these leaders to be at the forefront of the Green Shift movement. It is WPG’s job to train and assist the players in their leadership of this vital game.


Meet the team

Our team consists of players, ex-players, coaches and ex-coaches from all professional leagues worldwide.

Binta Barry

Team manager




Super butterflies

Maarten de Fockert

Goal Keeper





Siem de Jong Midfielder

Siem de Jong






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Impact on and off the pitch

As a professional football player, you have the unique ability to kickstart change on a local and global scale. Our team is made up of like-minded players who want to use their platforms to speed up the Green Shift. In addition to making an extremely valuable contribution to mankind and the planet, our players receive training, personal branding, international networking, post-football career opportunities, and more. All levels of engagement are welcome.



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We offer professional football players a multifaceted suite of services designed to elevate their careers and enhance their personal development on and off the pitch.

Our Player Inspiration platform is a comprehensive recruitment process that connects players with exciting opportunities. The Player Academy serves as a closed community, fostering inspiration, learning, and meaningful interaction among players. Moreover, our Player Assistance program is dedicated to supporting players in activation, offering coaching services that contribute to their personal sustainability.

At the heart of our commitment is the empowerment and enrichment of football players, ensuring they make an impact on and off the pitch!

  Increased player value

  Strong personal brand

  New revenue opportunities

  Valuable skills training

  Post-career work opportunities

  A sense of purpose

Interested in joining our team?