Green Bag: Oslo 2030


Introducing our next big project: Oslo 2030, an initiative aimed at environmental efforts over the next decade.

Kicking off with our first project, Green Bag, which aims to encourage sustainability within the fotball family.

Football, a beloved sport worldwide, carries a considerable environmental footprint. The thriving $100 billion football apparel market heavily relies on synthetic materials, predominantly non-recyclable polyester. Our analysis reveals that this production contributes to approximately 0.04% of global carbon emissions, a figure equivalent to a staggering 20% of emissions from air travel. Moreover, discarded football gear constitutes a significant portion of waste, accounting for 5% of textile landfill waste and contributing to 2% of microplastic proliferation in oceans.

Green Bag offers a tangible solution by establishing designated collection points for used football gear at clubs, pitches, and other frequented locations. These Green Bags provide two primary avenues:

  1. Reuse: Usable garments undergo meticulous sorting and are redistributed locally for resale or repurposing. Any surplus items are transported with net-zero emissions for further redistribution or repurposing on a national or international scale. Our ultimate objective is to ensure that no functional football gear ends up in landfills.
  2. Recycling: Non-reusable items are responsibly recycled under Green Bag supervision, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Green Bag transcends mere physical collection to serve as a platform for communication, raising awareness and driving engagement towards a sustainable football apparel industry.

  • Education: We aim to enlighten clubs, players, and parents about the importance of utilizing recyclable materials and to foster a shift in consumer preferences. Additionally, this platform empowers brands and manufacturers offering sustainable alternatives to reach their target audience effectively.
  • #2 Pro-Team: A dedicated team of professional footballers, known as #2 Pro-Team, trained as environmental advocates, collaborates with We Play Green Media House to promote Green Bag and advocate for a sustainable garment industry. Our goal is to recruit #2 players from major football nations to maximize global outreach within the football community.
  • Building a Green Community: Green Bag seeks collaboration with various stakeholders, including politicians, national/international football associations, clubs, sponsors, media, and brands and manufacturers of football gear.

Join the Movement:

Green Bag, alongside Oslo 2030, has garnered international recognition and support. While our project aspires to achieve self-sufficiency in the long term, your assistance is vital for its initial launch. Together, let’s make football greener!


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