WPG wins in Rome


We Play Green are the proud winners of the “Leader in Social Responsibility” award for this year’s Social Football Summit in Rome.

This category was based on We Play Green’s efforts to amplify the reach and influence of professional players and to mobilize a green shift through the global football family.  

Present at the awards were Jamie Cornacchia, communications coordinator, and our team player Elin Landström, current player for AS Roma.

“As a professional footballer, you have the opportunity to inspire not just your friends and family, but your club and your entire community. 

In my case, this is the amazing community of Roma and my hometown of Umeå in Sweden. If we as players begin to use our platforms to engage our colleagues, clubs, and communities, we can have a massive impact on a local and global scale.

We Play Green believes that football can save the planet, and we believe this because football touches every corner of the globe and unites over 3,5 billion people under a single common passion.

Professional football players are the leaders of this big football family, therefore our mission is to support and amplify their engagement on a local and international scale so we can elicit support for the green shift that is necessary to save the planet and ourselves”. – Jamie Cornacchia “The We Play Green team gives me the hope and belief that we will be able to make that green shift that is required!” — Elin Landström



Top image: Left to right Jamie Cornacchia (WPG), Elin Landström (AS Roma)

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