Jacob Widell Zetterstörm


The WPG team continues to grow with our latest addition, Jacob Widell Zetterstörm! 

On the pitch, Jacob is the starting goalkeeper for the Swedish Djurgårdens. However, to get to this point, Jacob had to go through a remarkable journey of growth and perseverance. In his first year of professional football in 2019, Jacob suffered several head injuries that forced him to take a step back from football for over a year. However, he came back stronger than ever! In 2021, he established himself as the first-choice goalkeeper for his team and has been crushing it since then! 

Now, I look back at a very tough period, mentally and physically, glad that it is over, but also glad that I have gotten several experiences that I am sure will help me throughout my career and my life.” 

Jacob’s dedication isn’t limited to the pitch. His passion for our planet started when his childhood trips to museums and zoos formed a deep appreciation and willingness to protect the planet’s nature, and specifically animals. When he realized the current state of the planetary crises, Jacob knew he needed to take action.  

“This interest has followed me through life, and our life on this planet never ceases to amaze me. So when I realized that this world is disappearing, at an increasing rate to that, one that has not been seen for the last 66 million years, I knew that I had to do my part.”

Inspired by the efforts of our founder Morten Thorsby and his #2 shirt, Jacob was eager to join the WPG team and to meet and work with like-minded people. Believing in the massive green-chain reaction football can make within all levels of society, Jacob argues that “Being a positive influence in your day-to-day choices as well as pushing clubs, federations, and partners to make more sustainable choices can make a snowball effect”, which is often underestimated. 

 We are extremely proud to welcome Jacob to the team as someone who is well aware of his #Role2Play in raising awareness, educating others, and engaging in activities that will help in creating support for the Green Shift! 

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