CSV de Leeuwarder Zwaluwen football club Join the #2Community!


Our #2 community is growing! 

Taking inspiration from our fantastic SC-Joure 15 girls, the 12- to 14-year-old boys from Leeuwarder Zwaluwen FC are taking on the #2 to show the importance of the green shift in their community! 

The CSV de Leeuwarder Zwaluwen football club wants to be one of the most “sustainable and socially active football clubs in the Nothern Netherlands”. They’re kicking off their ambition with a great start by cleaning up their football grounds with members of staff this year’s World Clean-up Day, which was on September 16th. 

CSV de Leeuwarder Zwaluwen football club has set its sights on becoming one of the most environmentally conscious and socially engaged football clubs in the Northern Netherlands. To kickstart their ambitious journey, the first play in their game plan was to take care of their side of the field. On this year’s “World Clean-up Day”, the 12-14-year-old boys alongside the club staff did a thorough clean-up of their own grounds, falling in line with our concept of #SereneSeptember. 

A similar game plan was executed by our Sc-Joure 15 girls, who also cleaned up their football grounds on World Clean-up Day.


This is what the #2 Community is about! We’re very proud of the initiative these two teams are undertaking in their communities, as well as the pride that they have in spreading the powerful message of the #2. Thank you for showing that we all have a #Role2Play!  

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