Binta, Our First #2 Ambassador in Africa!


We’re very excited to introduce our first #2 Ambassador from Africa, Binta Barry! 


Binta is a 22-year-old manager of the “Super Butterflies” which is the football academy for the Butterfly friends. The Butterfly Friends is a Norwegian organization that has been operating 5 schools for over 5,000 students since 2002. Mostly for females, this organization promotes female empowerment by providing free education, supplies, uniforms, and daily meals since they often come from families with limited means. This past November, we collaborated with them in making a “green” football tournament centered around the importance of the #2 (read the story here). 


Our newest ambassador Binta used to be a pupil at the Butterfly Friends and continues to work there as an act of giving back. 


She explains, “They (The Butterfly Friends) have sponsored almost 18 years of my schooling and I decided to give back to them in the football academy by being the manager because one good turn deserves another. 


What inspired me is that Butterfly Friends have positively contributed to my future, and the future of thousands of Gambians in my country because of this humanitarian act I was well convinced that there is no place like Butterfly Friends in order to push an agenda of philanthropy. 


Outside of her work on the pitch, Binta is in her final year of nursing school which will be an accomplishment accompanied by her bachelor’s degree in the performing arts and certificate training in Waste management from WasteAid. 


As a #2 Ambassador, Binta will be a representative for the 2015 Paris Agreement that agrees to limit global warming to under 2 degrees Celsius, as well as all the ways we can implement the Green Shift with the symbol of the #2. This includes thinking “#2wice” about our consumer behaviors, promoting the acquisition of #2ndhand items, and showing that we all have a #Role2play. 


Already expressing her #Role2play, Binta is passionate and in tune with the current challenges her community faces in The Gambia. Binta has shared with us why she took an intensive waste management course, and her goals as a #2 ambassador. 


In my community, we have problems with poor waste management, environmental littering, and open sewage. These are issues to be addressed in my community and I have started.


 The issue of climate change cannot be stopped but it can be reduced. I hope to accomplish a greener Gambia and a greener World. Also, to educate people about climate change and to show them better ways to preserve a better environment. My biggest aim is to work with SuperButterfly and Butterfly Friends in changing and improving the attitude of people towards climate change. I love community activities such as cleaning exercises, awareness campaigns, and women and girls empowerment projects.


Binta is the perfect #2 ambassador since she knows the potential of using football as a medium to mobilize the global football family. This year, the Butterfly Friends partnered up with WPG and created a successful football tournament that was centered around the #2. Binta believes that a close collaboration with We Play Green will be able to create significant local attention around the planetary crises since they hope to involve important football organizations like FIFA and continue to grow their reach. 


She explains, “The family of football is so big that when brought together and sensitized about climate change, we have conquered a large range of people. Having Gambian football as a mirror we can create more support by creating/building a team that has a strong connection with climate change as the face of the tournament. Also involving influential football players to sensitize people to the danger of climate change.”


We’re ecstatic to have Binta representing the #2 in The Gambia, where so much positive change can happen! We’re certain she is going to achieve great things! 

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