The Butterfly Friends Join the #2Community


We’re thrilled 2 welcome to the #2Community, the Butterfly Friends Foundation – a Norwegian organization that is transforming the lives of young girls in The Gambia. They operate five schools for over 1,500 students, providing them with free education, supplies, uniforms, and daily meals since they often come from families with limited means.  

They kicked off their #2Community inauguration when they hosted their 2nd annual girls’ football tournament on November 25th at Serekunda East mini stadium. This year, the Butterfly Friends’ football academy, the “Super Butterflies” “played green” with the introduction of the #2Community. Comprised of 76 schoolgirls aged 13-17, the football academy aims to increase young girls’s self-confidence by combining football and education. This year, over eight teams of girls aged 13-16 from schools around the capital of Banjul participated in the tournament, establishing a strong feeling of community spirit.   

 In collaboration with We Play Green, the tournament aimed to create more awareness and engagement around the #2. Many girls proudly played with the number two, including Binta Barry, who is our latest #2Ambassador and the head of the Butterfly Friends’ football academy.   

“We have of course seen for a long time that football has the power to put important issues such as equality, human rights, and the climate on the agenda, Says Binta Barry. We therefore want this tournament to be the beginning of something bigger. We girls cannot slow down the warming of the globe alone, but we can help strengthen commitment through football!”.   

This event was full of great activities. It featured matches, a free breakfast, a prize distribution, as well as a visit from the current Minister of Youth and Sports in The Gambia, Bakary Badjie.  

(Pictured, Minister of Youth and Sports in Gambia, Bakary Badjie). 

Looking ahead, the Butterfly Friends aspire to expand the tournament nationally, involving neighboring countries. According to Binta Barry, the Butterfly Friends want to create an annual green school tournament in Gambia. She believes that a close collaboration with We Play Green will be able to create significant local attention around the planetary crises. The Butterfly Friends also aims to involve important football organizations like FIFA.  

We’re so proud to support amazing local initiatives like the Butterfly Friends and commend their commitment to creating more education, empowerment, and environmental consciousness in The Gambia! We all have a #Role2Play!

Learn more about the Butterfly Friends here!

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