#2Community in Heerenveen


We Play Green is proud to have the SC Joure MO-15 girls’ team as junior ambassadors of the #2Community! These girls are a shining example of how a team can be role models and encourage their local community to play their role in the fight against the planetary crises.

The #2Community is a versatile and inclusive social movement started by the founder of We Play Green, Morten Thorsby. In 2021, Morten changed his playing number to 2 to symbolize the need to keep global warming well below 2°C as referenced in the 2015 Paris Agreement. Thus, the number 2 represents keeping global warming to well below 2°C, but it also encompasses the many ways we can support the Green Shift. This includes buying things second-hand (2nd-hand), thinking twice (#Think2wice) about our consumer behaviors, and giving things a second life (#2ndLife) through recycling and upcycling.

On the pitch, the girls showcase their involvement in the #2Community by wearing their #2 jerseys to warm up before games and during practice. Off the pitch, they organize and participate in clean-up actions around their pitch or community. They even make it a habit to leave their locker room cleaner than how they found it. These kinds of initiatives set a fantastic example for other teams to follow.


When asked “What do you hope you will accomplish by being leaders in your league and in your community?”

Several girls responded –

“We hope that the other teams ask us about the #2 so that we can tell them about the meaning behind it”.

“When we start to clean the area, the other teams see how clean the sports area can be”

The girl’s team also takes action against single-use plastic by using Doppers instead of disposable water bottles. They’ve even signed the Dopper Wave, which aims to ban single-use plastic water bottles altogether.


Their focus on decreasing waste is because the SC Joure MO-15 girls team is powered by OMRIN, Holland’s most sustainable waste company and founding partner of the We Play Green supported Samen Circulair Heerenveen Foundation. This foundation’s goal is to make Friesland the most circular region in the EU, and sc Heerenveen the most sustainable club in the Netherlands.

We are incredibly proud to work with the SC Joure MO-15 girls’ team and celebrate their dedication to being ambassadors of the #2Community. We hope that other teams and individuals will be inspired by their actions and follow in their footsteps. We all have a #Role2play!


Want to join the #2 Community?


To join the #2Community, individuals and teams can repost content, create their own content using the #2Community hashtags, wear second-hand merchandise, involve friends and family in #2 challenges, and participate in events and campaigns. The community is open to everyone, and by sharing and tagging stories, subscribing to newsletters, and using the #2 hashtags, individuals and teams can become a part of the movement.

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