WPG joins forces with sc Heerenveen


We Play Green is excited to support sc Heerenveen in their mission to become the most circular club in the Netherlands, and the Samen Circulair Heerenveen Foundation in making Friesland the most circular region in Europe by 2025.

Our ties to sc Heerenveen run deep as it was the old club of We Play Green’s founder, Morten Thorsby. It was during his time there as a player that the “seed” for We Play Green was planted as Morten started an internal “Green Shift” by encouraging the team to cycle to practice and having solar panels installed at the stadium.

Now seven years later, the support of We Play Green and the Samen Circulair Heerenveen Foundation is helping sc Heerenveen continue its sustainability journey and achieve its goal of becoming the most circular professional club in the Netherlands. The club will also participate as one of our pilots in our grassroots mobilization and player programs.

Friesland has already embraced our #2 Community. The #2 Community is our social movement that promotes community engagement and raises mass awareness of the planetary crises. Born in 2021 when Morten changed his playing number to 2 in reference to the 2015 Paris Agreement and to help keep global warming to well below 2 degrees, this has since become a central message of We Play Green. The number 2 represents not only the Paris Agreement but also the idea of everyone having a “Role 2 Play” and giving things a “2nd life” in the context of circularity.


The SC Joure MO-15 girls’ team is a shining example of this message in action. They have adopted the #2 in their training, jerseys, and actions both on and off the pitch. Known as the “Greta Thunbergs of their league,” they participate in local clean-up initiatives, ban single-use plastic, and encourage their opponents to do the same.

We are eager to continue our work with sc Heerneveen to harness the power of football and the football family to instill a circular society & offer concrete support for this necessary green transition.  Together, we can mobilize the grassroots to manifest the green shift one important community at a time!

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