Sofie presents climate change to Juve


Despite being injured, our #2-wearing Team Captain is still putting in major effort to make an impact off the pitch.

To her fellow teammates, Sofie presented the fundamentals of the crisis we find ourselves in, what heavy-polluting countries and organizations must do to solve this, and what daily, individual actions can do to solve this.

Right off the bat, the bianconeri women were eager to stop using plastic bottles in their training ground and to stop giving their towels to the laundry every day in order to save water and energy.

“For me, I’ve noticed it’s not difficult to convince people to do something. Coming back after the extreme heat in Europe this summer, people are realizing the urgency, and this is presenting a good window of opportunity for action” – Sofie.

Simply starting a conversation can spark the green chain reaction of sustainable attitudes and actions necessary to save the planet. We look forward to supporting Sofie as she continues to use her platform to spread awareness and engagement!

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