Ploony and Joost are our latest #2 Ambassadors!


The number 2 community is growing!  

Aiming to be the most sustainable and socially active football club in the Northern Netherlands, CSV de Leeuwarder Zwaluwen is taking the #2 seriously. Players Joost Jesse Visser from Men 1 and Plony van Savooyen from Women 1 have made a symbolic commitment to play with the number two. This shows their dedication to addressing the planetary crises, both on and off the pitch, and in doing so, they are supporting their club in reaching its goal.  

The significance of playing with #2 started when our founder Morten Thorsby played with the number 2 to symbolize the need to keep global warming well below 2°C, as referenced in the 2015 Paris Agreement. Off and on the pitch, WPG saw this as a symbol to represent the many ways we can support the Green Shift. This includes buying things second-hand (2nd-hand), thinking twice (#Think2wice) about our consumer behaviors, and giving things a second life (#2ndLife) through recycling and upcycling. The #2 grew to the #2Community, which is a social movement to encourage others to adopt the #2 on and off the pitch.  

The Leeuwarder Zwaluwen 12-14-year-old boys’ team marked their entry into the #2Community when they cleaned up their training grounds on this year’s World Clean-Up Day. Plony and Joost will take this to the next level by symbolizing the #2 on the pitch.  

Speaking about their engagement, Ploony explains “I personally think it is very important to draw attention to a better environment in a positive way. As an ambassador of the #2 Community, I can actively contribute. It’s great that we can take this up with the club for a clean world.”  

Joost Jesse adds: “I am a father, so I really feel a responsibility for the future of my children. I also raise them consciously. Separate waste, and clean up your mess. If we can keep the world livable together, I would like to participate as an ambassador. And as an experienced player, I also have an exemplary role within our team. I’m proud of it!” 

We Play Green is excited and proud to welcome Plony and Joost to the #2 Community and are eager to see what they achieve on and off the pitch. As their club approaches its 100th anniversary, we are enthusiastic about their aspiration to become ‘more than just a club,’ as they demonstrate that everyone has a #role2play.


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