“They call me Greta Thunberg”


Talking to the British newspaper, Morten guides the reader from the beginning of his sustainability  journey to his more recent milestones with the creation of We Play Green, and all the obstacles football has yet to tackle.

Here, we’ve highlighted some quotes that articulate the essence of this discussion.

“Is it difficult to get footballers to think about it (climate change)?”

“Yes, it is,” he says. “In the dressing room, I am still the ‘green boy’ who is laughed at when he does something less sustainable himself. In Italy, they call me the Greta Thunberg of football. It’s fine – I have enormous admiration for her.”

The mistake the environmental movement has made in the last 20 years is to force it down people’s throats. It’s better to create an atmosphere where it becomes a joint project. Inspire and motivate people to show there are so many things we can do. You can already eat super-tasty things without meat and with lots of vegetables. It’s healthier, you feel better and you do something good for nature.

Do you sometimes feel like a lone voice?

“They (footballers) are waiting until we (We Play Green) are ready until we have funded the entire campaign. I can completely understand if players don’t speak out. Everyone is allowed to make their own choices. I just try to encourage them, because we need young people to influence others. Footballers have a responsibility.”

“I try to make it clear to them that if you just, for example, use the dryer a little less or don’t eat meat at lunch anymore, you’re already making a difference. Take a commercial flight instead of a private jet. Drive an electric car. And then it would be great if players share that with their followers on social media.”


Link to BBC article: https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/58193377

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