Morten wins BBC prize


Our Founder Morten Thorsby has won the “Young Athlete of the Year” Award for the first ever BBC Green Sports Awards!

This award ceremony was the first of its kind, and help held at the Sports Positive Summit at the Wembley stadium in London. BBC Sport created the Green Sports Awards to “draw attention to athletes who are championing the cause” and to focus on shedding light on positive climate stories that are often dominated by negative ones.

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Morten won this award based on his efforts to encourage fellow professional football players to use their far-reaching voices, and the work he has put into his non-profit organization, We Play Green.

Morten’s category was based on “a sportsperson aged 25 or under who is either professional or on a pathway to elite sport, who has proactively demonstrated support for environmental and/or climate change issues”.  

“I’m very proud to have won this award; this gives me the motivation to keep going. I want to also congratulate the other athletes in my category. By using the power of sport and the platform it gives us athletes, we can change the world”. – Morten

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