Morten Addresses All 55 SES Managers at UEFA


Today, our founder Morten Thorsby took center stage at UEFA’s headquarters to address the Social and Environmental Sustainability Managers (SES) from all 55 Member Nations.

Morten seized the opportunity to underscore the critical role football must play in transcending its boundaries and addressing the pressing planetary crises. At the heart of Morten’s message was the conviction that football, with its global reach and influence, should be the leader of sustainability on and off the pitch. He urged SES managers, responsible for steering the social and environmental initiatives of their respective nations, to put the planetary crises at the top of their agendas.

This event was one of many at UEFA’s Sustainability Guidelines Launch event on the 8th of November. Our team player, Diane Caldwell, was a key speaker in a panel the next day, thus giving a unique opportunity for We Play Green to contribute valuable player insights to the ongoing dialogue surrounding sustainability in football.


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