Maël Joins the WPG Team


We’re thrilled to present our newest member of the We Play Green team, Maël Corboz!   

Currently a midfielder for SC Verl and the founder of green sports company, ElevenGreen, Maël makes the perfect addition to the WPG team.    

Off the pitch, 28-year-old French-American’s accomplishments include a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland. His life on the pitch began when he signed for The New York Redbulls in the MLS. But this didn’t stop him from pursuing his passion for sustainability.  

While playing for Go Ahead Eagles in the Netherlands, Maël had the opportunity to help enhance his team’s sustainability. Maël explored the team’s cup system, used in the stadiums during matches, and found alternatives that were both financially and environmentally positive. As a result, Go Ahead Eagles became the first sports organization in the Netherlands to use 100% recycled cups!  


“In working on this project, I found that sustainability was a win-win for everyone involved and that the club was actually quite interested in becoming more sustainable” 


This project helped him develop a passion for sustainability within football. However, he discovered that the limited number of environmental issues addressing services within sports clubs is a hindering factor in the battle against climate change. As a result, Maël came up with an idea. He founded Elevengreen, a company that helps sports organizations move towards sustainability by providing environmental impact-reducing solutions and supporting the implementation phase.  

Maël is eager to assist clubs in simplifying sustainability and having a #Role2Play against climate change.  


“My goal is to simplify sustainability for clubs at all levels. In doing so, environmentally-responsible behaviors will be easier to adopt and the overall climate impact of the industry will be reduced. In addition, we can all capture the attention of the huge football or sporting community, making the topic of environmental sustainability ever more present and relevant” 

We’re excited to have such a committed player as Maël on our team! We’re confident that together we can make a great change!  

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