Julie joins the WPG Team


We Play Green is thrilled to announce that Julie Blakstad has joined the WPG Team!

Julie is making quite a name for herself on the pitch having already made the starting lineup for the Norwegian national team and playing for Manchester City and BK Häcken. However, Julie’s passion for protecting the climate and the environment has led her to join WPG, therefore extending her impact to off the pitch.

Having grown up close to nature hiking, fishing, and skiing in Ottestad, Norway, Julie has always felt a strong connection to nature. This has helped the midfielder develop a deeper understanding of the impact that humans have on the well-being of the planet. She believes that as human beings, “we have a responsibility to work towards a sustainable society and ensure that future generations have access to the same resources that we have today”.

Julie’s commitment to using her platform as a player is reflected in her statement on joining the team.

“All people have a voice they can use, and as football players that voice has a massive potential to impact others. My reason for joining WPG is to see what all our voices combined can do together.”

We can’t wait to see what we can achieve together with Julie. As a very talented, dedicated, and eager young player who sees the potential in the football family to make a real impact, she will make an amazing addition to the WPG team!

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