Emilie takes on the #2


Playing with a Dual Purpose

We Play Green proudly welcomes another #2 Community Team Captain, Emilie Bølviken! Emilie is a defender for the football club Lyn Fotball Damer, and will wear the #2 in the Norwegian Women’s Top football league, Toppserien. 

Emilie is joining a group of professional athletes who are dedicated to playing with a dual purpose- which is to make an impact on and off the pitch. Playing with the #2 will not only symbolize playing with this dual purpose, but also represent the necessity of bringing climate action into football by bringing attention to the 2°C global warming limit set in the 2015 Paris Agreement.

On and Off the Pitch: 

On the pitch, Emilie is a valuable defender that plays in the Norwegian Women’s Top football league, Toppserien. Joining Lyn Fotball Damer in 2016, Emilie has helped the club maintain its position in the first division ever since. Emilie has also made several appearances for the U17 Norwegian women’s national team in 2017. 

Off the Pitch, Emilie dedicates her time to higher education, volunteering, and confronting various social issues such as the climate crisis and gender equality. 

Emilie is set to graduate this year (2022) with a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Olso and plans to continue her education in Sociology. 

Emilie has put her passions for sociology and football to practice as she has spent her time volunteering with dementia patients at local nursing homes, and working for the development of football pitches so that less-fortunate children have a place to play. She also spends her free time in nature, preferable in the mountains of her local Rødberg. 

“Becoming a part of We Play Green is a great opportunity for me to broaden my perspective and take my engagement one step further”. – Emilie 

On September 5th, Emilie is going to represent We Play Green and players everywhere at a round-table talk at the UEFA circular economy conference. At the UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, Emilie will put her valuable insight into how football can become a more circular and sustainable sport, and introduce how our Green Bag project can help the football world achieve that.

“I believe that football has the special ability to reach parts of the global population in a way that science and politics cannot. By using football as a platform to spread a strong climate message, we can create a collective and individual awareness of how we can and must change. This will help create the sustainable attitudes and actions necessary to save the planet! This concerns us all.”

— Emilie Bølviken

We Play Green is proud to add another dedicated professional player to our roster of #2 community leaders. We cannot wait to see what else Emilie achieves on and off the pitch!

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