We need to catch up on the UN timeframes for the Green Shift. Engaged players, clubs, and fans cannot mobilize the football family alone. They need partners, many partners! Join us to help save ourselves and the planet.



NGOs, IGOs, and GO’s amplifying WPG, players’, clubs’ and fan voices in specific regions and/or on concrete topics.

The Amplifiers work in specific regions either locally or internationally or on specific topics affecting the Green Shift.

WPG strongly believes all UN SDGs are relevant for the Green Shift. Therefore, we welcome all potential amplifiers that work with one or more of the SDGs and that want help with communication, attention, and reach.


Brands, corporations, owners, professionals, philanthropists, and others who provide support enabling our activities.

The Enablers support WPG on a global and regional level or through participation in our concrete and targeted projects.

Enabling support is provided through funding, human resources, infrastructure, competence, content, network, creativity, and growth support.

Partner value proposition

The core value proposition to our partners is to create sufficient global support for the green shift. Our game plan is to deliver the support within the UN timeframes. We build support in two ways; by increasing the # of people supporting the Green Shift and by improving the quality of support provided by each. ”Quality”, we define as the attitudes and actions the onboarded supporters provide to our mission, i.e. how they behave as consumers, citizens, investors and influencers of employers, family, and friends.

Commercial Value Propositions

In addition to the above-mentioned existential value proposition, we also provide partners with commercial value propositions and reports on goal achievements.

Project Partners

WPG runs targeted and specified Partner Projects in a specific region and on concrete topics. "Region" include cities, counties, and transnational areas of specific relevance for the Green Shift. "Topics" include all the 17 SDGs, sustainability issues, industrial solutions, education, and more. Some Partner Projects cover a topic in a specific region. Partner Projects typically involve several partners.

Planet Partners

Our Main Partners support WPGs general work and activities. There will be a limited number of non-competing Global and Regional Main Partners. Our selected Main Partners are also invited to participate in our Projects.

Partners are invited to sponsor specific #2 Captains and Ambassadors. Player-specific activation is tailor-made, and contracts are entered between the player, the partner and WPG.

Change Partners

Planet Partners

Friendly Suppliers & Value Contributors