For Clubs


The Club Society is a platform for collaboration between players, clubs, fans, sponsors and WPG. WPG energizes the Club Society with activity packages.


Easy-to-use sustainability activities for clubs

Player Program

A stepwise program for players who want to promote the green shift:

  • Player inspiration sessions
  • Player sustainability training
  • Player activation support
  • Global player community

Platform for Change

Screening and assessment criteria plus standardized reporting manuals.

  • Self service and easy to use. Assitance available
  • Free Entry level. Advanced and Premium available
  • Online and standardized templates
  • 3rd party assessment on Advanced and Premium

Club Events and Fieldwork

Inspirational events and fieldwork for members, employees and sponsors, including:

  • Member events, including professional WPG players
  • Fieldwork concepts and programs for club members
  • Quarterly inspiration seminars for employees and sponsors
  • SDG implementation workshops

WPG Challenge

An app combining behavioral science, fun, and technology to create indiviual behavioral and social change:

  • Consciousness-raising
  • Educational
  • Measuring improvements
  • Compete with other players and clubs

Member Network

To cultivate an inspiring society, WPG will host a club member network including:

  • Club Society member seminars
  • Club Society member-collaboration platform
  • Member Case studies
  • Joint member project development

Green Bag

Reduce, reuse, recycle and upcycle football garments:

  • Attitude campaign “Make Garments Play Longer“
  • Physical collection and branded 2nd hand sales
  • Net-zero recycling through 3rd parties
  • Reproduce with partners

Sustainability League

Sustainability competition between clubs:

  • Voluntary
  • Variety of competition categories
  • Ranking based on standardised club reports
  • 3rd party assessment of reports in specific categories

Sponsor Activation

Sponsor activation to increase club revenues:

  • WPG Club Society badge
  • WPG sponsor inspiration and player engagement
  • WPG Club Partner Projects
  • Events and Fieldwork



In collaboration with KMPG, WPG has developed the Platform for Change. This platform is designed to assist and inspire clubs on their operational sustainability improvement journey.



Low threshold and cost-free for clubs starting their sustainability journey:

  • Basic screening manuals
  • Basic goal-setting suggestions
  • Basic performance assessment criteria
  • Corresponding reporting manuals.
  • Mandatory yearly reporting
  • No third party assesment


For clubs that are on their way on their sustinability journey and want to ramp up their ambitions:

  • Advanced screening manuals
  • Advanced goal-setting suggestions
  • Advanced performance assessment criteria
  • Corresponding reporting manuals.
  • Mandatory yearly reporting
  • Third party assesment by KPMG


For clubs with champion ambitions and high focus on suatainability throughput their operations

  • CSRD- and UEFA-compliant screening manual
  • Premium goal-setting suggestions
  • CSRD- and UEFA-compliant performance assessment criteria
  • CSRD- and UEFA-compliant reporting manuals.
  • Mandatory yearly reporting
  • Third party assesment by KPMG

Advisory and assistance

KPMG powered advisory and assitance:

  • Screening and goal setting
  • Improvement strategy
  • Assessment and reporting
  • Sustainability training
  • Regulatory compliance



The Club Society is open for both professional and grassroots clubs. The activity packages are shaped and adjusted to club size, sustainability ambitions and budgets.